Dual Fuel

Wood and Used Oil Burner

Available in Models 200 CSS and 400 DCSS only. Fitted with Kagi Model 250 KP – 250,000 BTU/hr used oil burner. Capable of burning wood or used oil. Requires compressed air (12 – 15 psi). Capable of burning No. 2 fuel oil.


Model200 CSS/OB400 DCSS/OB
Stainless Steel409409
Weight (lbs)1,8202,150
Forced Draft (CFM)150150 x 2
Heating Area (Sq. Ft.)5,00010,000
Slab Length87.5"105"
Slab Width50"50"

*Total outside dimensions.

Shaker Grates (for burning coal) option available on residential models.
**Approximate figures. Will vary due to home & climate conditions.

Colour Options

Exact colour samples can be supplied by your local dealer upon request.