Residential Units

Residential Units


Model100 CSS200 CSS400 CSS
Stainless Steel409409409
Weight (lbs)1,3751,5991,968
Forced Draft (CFM)751502 x 150
Chimney Diameter8" or 10" Insulated8" or 10" Insulated8" or 10" Insulated
Firebox Dimensions24"D x 28"W35" D x 28" W54" D x 28" W
Heating Area (Sq. Ft.)3,0005,00010,000
Water Capacity (US Gallons)100140180
Firebox Door Opening (WxH)20" x 18"20" x 18"20" x 18"

*Total outside dimensions.

Shaker Grates (for burning coal) option available on residential models.
**Approximate figures. Will vary due to home & climate conditions.

Pad Specifications

Colour Options

Shaker Grate Option

The HeatmorTM residential models are capable of burning certified types of coal. By adding the Shaker Grate Option to your Heatmor Outdoor Furnace, you will easily be able to burn coal as well as cord wood in the same unit.

Shaker Grate CLOSED
Shaker Grate CLOSED
Shaker Grate OPEN
Shaker Grate OPEN